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Executive Team

Darrel Finnicum, Visionary

Darrel Finnicum opened Finnicum Motor Company in September of 2000 and is the Founder and Visionary of Finnicum Motor Company. 

As Visionary, Darrel's primary focus is the vision and direction of the company and sharing and investing in that vision with the entire Finnicum Team to make it a reality! Darrel loves seeing and hearing the stories of our customers and knowing that Finnicum played a part in finding their perfect vehicle and ensuring that they were happy and satisfied with their experience! 

In his spare time, Darrel enjoys spending time with family, friends, and God. Darrel enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and golf. Darrel is also a big Georgia fan and loves everything Georgia related; from the game to collecting memorabilia! 

Mike McVey, Integrator

Mike Joined the Finnicum Family in 2005.  His primary responsibility is the integration and accountability of the company in all facets.

Mike enjoys seeing a process through and learning from failure.

In addition, Mike enjoys reading books and spending time with his Family.

Kala Crout, Admin / HR Director

Kala Crout has been a member of the Finnicum Motor Company family since January of 2015 and has worn many hats throughout the years. Starting out as the Receptionist, she has been able to watch the company grow and learned a lot about herself along the way. 

She now serves on the Executive Leadership team with responsibilities of Human Resources, Accounting & Admin. She has a passion for people and strives to see them become better versions of themselves every day. 

When she isn't working, she is serving on the leadership team at her church or spending time with her family & friends.

Jennifer May, Operations Director

Jennifer May joined the team in 2015 and is the Operations Director here at Finnicum Motor Company.

One of her main objectives is to Direct Operations and ensure the daily goals are met with every team.

In her spare time, Jennifer and her husband enjoy the outdoors with their children and grandchildren!

Anthony Jenkins, Executive Team Advisor

Anthony Jenkins has been an important part of the Finnicum Family since October 2005 and is the Executive Team Advisor here at Finnicum Motor Company!

Anthony's primary role is to oversee all locations in ensuring that all vehicles are ready and shining for our customers! Anthony enjoys the day to day interactions with people of different backgrounds as well as learning new skills everyday. 

Anthony works hard and loves to play even more! He enjoys going on trips all over the country! Choosing to work at Finnicum Motor Company has been one of the best decisions in Anthony's life! 



Jeffery Mitchell, Sales Manager

Jeffery Mitchell joined Finnicum Motor Company in February 2018 as a sales consultant at the Leesburg location. 

In January of 2020 Jeffery transferred to the Americus location as the General Manager. 

Jeffery had previously worked as a law enforcement officer for the Lee County Sheriff's office and the Albany Police Department. Prior to law enforcement he worked in several management positions in the Albany area always striving to provide exceptional customer service. In his spare time Jeffery is active with Boy Scouts. He is the Cub Master of Pack 64 where his youngest son attends Cub Scouts. Jeffery's oldest son is active in Boy Scouts Troop 15, and his stepson earned his Eagle rank through Troop 15 and is currently in the Air Force. Jeffery lives in Leesburg with his darling wife Sonya and his two youngest sons.

Hayes Rowe, Sales Consultant

Hayes Rowe joined the Finnicum team in 2019! 

Hayes is one of the Sales Professional here at Finnicum Motor Company. One of his main objectives is to provide an easy buying experience for all of our customers. Hayes loves the vehicle delivery process and seeing our customers reactions to their newly purchased vehicle with the big red bow! 

In his spare time, Hayes enjoys spending time with his family!  

Kadie Barnes, Sales Consultant

Kadie joined the team in 2021 and is one of the Sales Consultants here at Finnicum Motor Company of Americus.

One of her main objectives is to assist customers in finding the perfect vehicle for them and their specific needs! She enjoys speaking with and helping all customers! 

Kadie is a local dog mom of two and in her spare time, enjoys riding four-wheelers and going to various mud parks.

Krystal Williams, BDC Specialist

Krystal Williams joined the Finnicum Family in December of 2021, as a part of our BDC team!

Krystal has spent 20+ years in customer service. One of the many responsibilities of being in the BDC department is customer follow-up.

The BDC team is a vital part of Finnicum Motor Company, because they act as the customer liaison. The BDC team tries their best to build a relationship and keep customer contact, this act of service ensures that the customer knows, that they are a valued part of the Finnicum Family.

When Krystal isn't at work, she enjoys spending time with her Husband, and three teenage sons.

Shirley McGee, Administrative Assistant

Shirley McGee joined the Finnicum Family in December of 2020 and is the Administrative Assistant in Americus. 

The most rewarding part of Shirley's role is the joy of greeting Finnicum's wonderful customers and Finnicum Family members. Shirley takes great pleasure in interacting with our customers and celebrating with them by putting the Big Red Bow on their new vehicle!

Shirley enjoys spending time with her family, grand kids, her dog Penny, reading, gardening, and traveling!

Calvin Milledge, Detail Manager

Calvin Milledge joined the Finnicum Family in 2019 and is the Detail Manager of our Americus Location.

As Detail Manager for our Americus location one of his main goals is to ensure the quality of all vehicles that we and our customers have come to expect! Calvin enjoys the challenge and opportunities to learn and grow!

Outside of work Calvin loves fishing and spending time around the water! He also enjoys spending time with his two sons!



Roy Manos, General Sales Manager

Roy started working at Finnicum Motor Company in 2014. Roy has over 30 years experience in customer service.

Roy truly enjoys the excitement and satisfaction that people have when purchasing a new vehicle. Roy is blessed to work at a dealership that has a reputation for selling quality cars at quality prices with dedicated service. So when you ready to buy your next vehicle come see Roy and he will do his best to make sure that you have a great experience!  

He has lived in Albany and Lee County most of his life. Roy has a beautiful daughter, Harley. Roy also enjoys hunting and fishing when he has time; and is also a big sports enthusiast.

Tony Tucker, Sales Manager

Tony Tucker joined the Finnicum Family in 2000 and is one of the Sales Manager here at Finnicum Motor Company Leesburg. 

One of his main objectives is ensuring that our customers experience Finnicum's Proven Process and have a great car buying experience! Tony enjoys being able to form relationships with our Finnicum Family throughout their entire car buying experience!

In his spare time, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife, four daughters and two grandchildren!

Chad Kirkpatrick, Sales Consultant

Chad Kirkpatrick has been a long-time Finnicum customer before joining Finnicum Motor Company as a Sales Representative in April 2018. 

He always enjoyed his experiences here at Finnicum Motor Company, and is looking to continue serving the community here at Finnicum.

Chad served the local community in Law Enforcement for 17 years prior to joining the Finnicum Family! He is married to Rachel Kirkpatrick and they have 3 beautiful children, Zoey, Zaylee and Cameron. Chad loves sports (Go Dawgs), spending time at the lake and with his family and friends.

Corey Phillips, Sales Consultant

Corey Phillips joined the team in November 2018 and is a Sales Professional here at Finnicum Motor Company. 

One of his main objectives is to provide an easy buying experience for all our customers. 

In his spare time, Corey enjoys spending time with his family on the water!

Ed White, Sales Consultant

Ed White joined the Finnicum team in 2019 and is a Sales Professional here at Finnicum Motor Company. 

One of Ed's goals is to provide a great and easy car buying experience for all our Finnicum Family! Ed enjoys being part of the Finnicum experience for our customers and ensuring they leave happy and smiling with their next vehicle!

When not at work, Ed enjoys spending time with his family!

Tori Edmondson, Receptionist

Tori Edmondson joined the Finnicum team in August of 2021, and is the receptionist at our Leesburg location.

Some of her main responsibilities are to provide excellent customer service to our customers, as well as support for our other departments.

Outside of Finnicum Motor Company, Tori enjoys photography, and spending time with her family and German Shepherd, Rogue.

Lilly McCall, BDC Specialist

Lilly McCall joined Finnicum Motor Company in July 2021 as a BDC representative. 

As a BDC representative, she enjoys following up with customers and loves being able to help them one-on-one to find the perfect vehicle for them. 

In her free time, Lilly is a full time student majoring in Social Sciences, and loves to spend time with friends and family.

MaryAlice DeMichael, BDC Specialist

Paulette Boyd, HR Coordinator

Paulette Boyd is the HR Coordinator at Finnicum. She joined the FMC Family in September 2020. 

Paulette's main responsibility is company benefits, ensuring that employees and their families have the medical coverage they need. All aspects of the company's benefits process are exciting to her. Learning anything outside her norm is always exciting to her because she enjoys discovering and investigating how things work. 

Outside of Finnicum Motor Company, Paulette enjoys spending as much time as possible with her kids, grandkids, and friends. Her favorite pastime is watching her favorite fall-lineup TV shows.  

Alisha Turner, HR Recruiter

Alisha Turner is the HR Recruiter and has been a part of the FMC family since June 2021. 

Alisha's main responsibility is meeting our hiring goals by filling our open positions with the most qualified and talented candidates. The best part of her job is meeting the candidates, hearing their stories and making them feel comfortable with our interview process.

Alisha loves to spend time with family and friends, cooking, shopping, and traveling. 

Shelby Pierce, Staff Accountant

Shelby Pierce joined Finnicum Motor Company in 2019 as a Staff Accountant. 

One of her main goals is to support the business with accurate financial information. She enjoys her role because she gets to interact with every department and help solve problems!  

Outside of work, she enjoys watching movies with her partner and two cats.

Whitney Johnson, Accounting Clerk

Whitney joined the team in September of 2021 as an Accounting Clerk.

One of her main responsibilities is data entry and reconciliation of accounts. 

She enjoys being a part of the team and helping in any way she can. In her free time, Whitney enjoys going to the movies and spending time with her dogs.

Laci Wimberly, Funding Team Lead

My name is Salathiel Wimberly and I am the Funding Team Lead here at Finnicum Motor Company. 

One of my main roles is to oversee the funding process as a whole and to make sure our deals are spotless to ensure the proper funding. I love to work with the numbers my day to day tasks involve. 

Outside of work, I love leading worship at my church and hanging out with my youth group!

Trina Jones, Funding Clerk

Trina Jones joined the team in 2021 and is the Funding Clerk Assistant here at Finnicum Motor Company. 

One of her main objectives is to work hand in hand with the salesmen to ensure all documentation is accounted for and ready to be sent to the banks for funding. She enjoys seeing the salesman and being able to help whenever needed! 

In her spare time, Trina enjoys traveling and being with family!

Eric Mccallum, Detail Specialist

Eric has been a part of the Finnicum Family since October 2016 and is one of the Detail Specialists at our Leesburg location.

One of Eric's main roles is to ensure that detail operations run smoothly and that everything is done with excellence! Eric takes great pride in his work and enjoys the satisfaction when it is done right.

Eric enjoys staying physically active and plays basketball and other various sports to stay fit!

Devonte Saucier, Detail Specialist

Devonte has been a part of the Finnicum Family since 2019 as a Detail Specialist.

One of Devonte's main role is to help oversee and ensure that every vehicle is shining and ready for our customers! Devonte enjoys the team and company atmosphere here at Finnicum!

Outside of work Devonte enjoys spending time with his family!

Shawn McCarty, Detail Specialist

Shawn joined the Finnicum Family in December 2020 as a Detail Specialist. 

One of Shawn's main roles and responsibilities is to oversee and facilitate the movement of auction vehicles. Shawn enjoys the camaraderie and family atmosphere here at Finnicum Motor Company as well as the satisfaction of a job well done!

In his down time Shawn enjoys reading books as well as fishing and spending time with his family! 



Kris Kavanaugh, Sales Manager

Kris Kavanaugh joined the team in October 2009 and is the Sales Manager here at Finnicum Motor Company Albany. 

One of his main objectives is to oversee our Proven Process and ensure an easy buying experience is provided for all our customers. Kris enjoys the experience and connection of meeting new customers and welcoming them to the Finnicum Family!

In his spare time, Kris enjoys spending time with his wife and three children!

Clay Morris, Sales Consultant

Clay Morris joined the team in 2020 and is a Sales Professional here at Finnicum Motor Company. 

One of Clay's main objectives is to provide an easy car buying experience for all our customers. He enjoys meeting new people and welcoming them into the Finnicum Family with a ride that they will love!

Outside of work, Clay is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys many different outdoors activities! 

Julie Christian, Sales Consultant
(229) 405-3449

Julie Christian joined the sales team at Finnicum Motor Company in September 2021.  

Julie enjoys helping her clients find the right car, and continuing to assist them throughout the entire process of purchasing a vehicle. Julie enjoys getting to know each one of her customers, it's like making a new friend every time. 

Julie, her husband Mike, and their three children moved to Leesburg in the Spring of 2021.  They enjoy exploring local parks and hiking trails, and they can often be found canoeing or floating down the Muckalee creek - as long as the water isn't too cold. In her spare time, Julie is a published author and public speaker whose work has been featured in various books and periodicals. 

Deborah Garcia, Receptionist

Debbie Garcia joined the Finnicum Motor Company team in July of 2016 as one of our receptionists.

Debbie enjoys working with people of all walks of life and ages.  She strives to make sure they feel welcome and heard whether contact by telephone or on site at one of our dealerships. 

In her off time, she enjoys refurbishing and repurposing furniture that might otherwise be discarded and spending time with family, church family and friends.  Especially spending time with her husband of  fifty years. Debbie loves being outdoors on the golf course with her husband where her motto is "mind over matter". If you don't mind what your score is, it doesn't matter!

Chauncey Grant, Albany Detail Manager

Chauncey has been a part of the Finnicum team since February 2018 and is the Detail Manager of our Albany location! 

One of his main focuses is ensuring that all vehicles shine and are ready for our customers! Chauncey takes great pride in taking a vehicle and making it shine and look brand new!

In his spare time Chauncey enjoys playing different sports and relaxing by playing video games! 



Holly Carlton, Service Manager

Holly Carlton joined the team in 2020 and is the Service Manager here at Finnicum Motor Company. 

One of her main objectives is to help customers with any vehicle needs they may have. The service department wants to show customers that customer service doesn't stop after you purchase the vehicle. 

Holly enjoys spending time with her wife, two fur babies, and the rest of her family.

Mae Ramsey, Customer Service Rep.

Mae joined the team in 2021 and is a service writer at Finnicum Motor Company. 

One of her main objectives is to help her customers find the right service for their vehicle and provide her customers with an exceptional customer service.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling and discovering new places along with her boyfriend, as well as spending time at the beach.

Niamya Johnson, Customer Service Rep.

Niamya Joined the team in 2022 and is one of our Service Representatives.

Her main objective is working in integrity. She believes that customers should experience the outstanding company culture in every interaction. She enjoys working to solve customer issues in a way that leaves the customer feeling taken care of.
Her motto is "Have a Great Day on Purpose". 

Niamya Enjoys anything Artistic. Whether it be music, art , or writing, creativity is her oyster. She enjoys playing the piano and is fascinated by good reads. She enjoys traveling and experiencing new things.

Gilberto Apolito, Shop Manager

Gilberto Apolito joined the Finnicum Family in July 2020 and is the Shop Manager here at FMC!

As the Shop Manager one of his main roles is to ensure that all vehicles surpass our rigorous expectations here at Finnicum. Gilberto has a passion for inspecting what he expects and ensuring that everything is done correctly!

In his down time Gilberto enjoys spending time with his family and honing his carpentry skills! 

Kohl Kirksey, Service Technician

Kohl joined the Finnicum Family in August 2021 and is one of the Service Technicians at Finnicum Motor Company.

As a Service Technician two of Kohl's main responsibilities are the inspection and maintenance of all vehicles to ensure they surpass our standards here at Finnicum. Kohl enjoys being part of the process and seeing the end result of the vehicles from start to finish.  and ensuring that every vehicle that leaves our lot is safe for every family and customer!

 In kohl's down time he enjoys honing his musical abilities by playing guitar, singing and writing his own music! 



Peyton Thaggard, Inventory Manager

Peyton joined the team in early 2020 and is the Inventory Manager here at Finnicum Motor Company. 

One of her main responsibilities is to order parts for our inventory and making sure every vehicle is on the lot and ready to sell in a timely manner. She enjoys working for a reputable company that is known throughout Southwest Georgia.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Tyler Freeman, Inventory Team Leader

Tyler is one of the Inventory Managers and joined Finnicum Motor Company in 2016. 

A couple of his main objectives is to present the cars on the website at a high quality to online customers so that all the details are shown and to organize our inventory at our three locations. He enjoys seeing the different variety of vehicles that he has never seen/driven before including new luxury cars and trucks at our dealership! 

In his spare time, Tyler enjoys hunting with his family and friends.

Jerkerious Scott, Inventory Associate

Jerkerious Scott began as an Inventory Associate at Finnicum Motor Company in November of 2020. 

One of his main objectives is to follow vehicles through the process getting them lot ready. What he enjoys most about working at Finnicum is the family feel and energy he gets from his team.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his son, traveling, and cooking.

Alexander Barnhart, Logistics Associate

Alexander joined the Finnicum Family in July 2019 and is one of the Logistics Associates here at FMC!

Alexander's main role is the facilitation of movement of all Finnicum vehicles. He enjoys adding clarity to the entire process and getting vehicles to our customers!

In his spare time, Alexander enjoys spending time with his family and newborn baby! As well as spending time riding his motorcycle and playing video games!  

Taylor Rojas, Logistics Associate

Taylor joined the Finnicum team in 2021 as a Logistics Associate. 

Her main duties include arranging the transportation of vehicle acquisitions to and from all three Finnicum Locations and ensuring each vehicle arrives on time and in great condition.

In her free time, Taylor enjoys spending time and taking trips with her family. 

Carl Hudson, Driver

Renee McNeal, Driver

Allen Millington, Driver

Frank Garcia, Driver



Levi Morgan, Marketing Manager

Levi Morgan has been Marketing Manager for Finnicum Motor Company's Marketing Department since 2021. 

He is responsible for filming and editing videos for Finnicum's social media pages. He enjoys the creativity his position allows him to have when creating content for Finnicum. 

Outside of work, Levi enjoys making short films and playing music.

Corey Hiers, Marketing Associate

Corey Hiers is a Marketing Associate in our Marketing department and has been with the company since 2016 and has worn many hats at FMC. 

His main duties are creating content for all digital media for FMC. He enjoys being creative and learning new ways to make content for the company.

Outside of work, he plays drums in his band and is also involved at his church. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family and being outdoors.

Derek Tate, Marketing Associate

Derek Tate joined the team in 2019 and is one of the Marketing Associates here at Finnicum Motor Company.

 One of his main objectives is to show our community how Finnicum differs from a typical automotive dealer. He enjoys seeing and sharing our Finnicum Family's testimonials with our community! 

In his spare time, Derek enjoys working and volunteering at his church!